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From: Christoph Scholtes
Subject: quit-window
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 14:43:55 -0600
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quit-window bound to `q' in a keymap provides a nice, consistent UI for
getting rid of the window and killing/burying its buffer.

However, some modes are inhibiting consistency by wrapping quit-window
in a function, which in most cases performs some kind of cleanup. This
creates inconsistency in the interface since, for example, `C-u q' to
kill the buffer is not available anymore unless the wrapper passes on
the argument to quit-window.

Take for example `info-emacs-manual', which provides `Info-exit' bound
to `q' in its map. `q' will quit the window and bury the buffer, but
`C-u q' will *not* kill the buffer.

I have identified at least 18 modes that do something similar. Maybe
some special case even needs to, but most of the time it could be
cleaned up, IMO.

Also, some of these exit wrappers explicitely restore a previous
window configuration. Doesn't quit-window handle that already?

Finally, if there is mode-specific cleanup to be done, could we provide
a quit-window-hook to connect to so we can eliminate the need for

This would allow a more consistent behavior between the modes. Maybe
it's just me, but often I am surprised as a user by the difference in
behavior of certain commands, especially when it comes to window
manipulation (quit, kill, bury etc.).


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