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Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 18:31:58 +0900

John Yates writes:

 > Does anyone else find the term 'split' jarring?


 > Many GUI apps have 'splitters' (e.g. Excel).  If Emacs' primitives
 > really did perform a classic split then the resulting windows would
 > show more or less the contents that was on the screen prior to
 > performing the split.

This might indeed be preferable.

 > But that is not what happens.  Emacs' splits really duplicate
 > windows.

No, they don't.  Both new windows are different from the original in
an important way: they're smaller.  They happen to start out
displaying the same content (but once again, the content displayed is
different from the original window's in almost all cases -- which you
can extend to all cases if you're a Pythonista and like significant

And this artifact is useless, as Alan Mackenzie points out.
Similarly, a spreadsheet split is useless until you scroll it, at
which point it is no longer a split of the original content.  The
point is the division of a rectangular framing element into two
adjoined rectangular framing elements.  If that's not a split, you owe
me my banana back.

I really don't get this focus on an implementation detail of the
displayed content of the window, a detail that is almost invariably
voided instantaneously.

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