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Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: C-x 2 and C-x 3
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 12:18:30 -0400
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> The "split-" prefix has purely operational connotation and application
> programmers as users are only interested in the state produced but
> hardly how it was obtained.

That's why split-window is much more used as a command than as
a function.  And split-window-below (or whatever name we end up using
for it) is purely a command: Elisp code can just as well use
(split-window nil nil 'below).

Elisp code generally prefers using display-buffer and other functions of
that family.

Most other Elisp code using split-window falls in the category of
Gnus/MPC/GUD/Younameit which want to setup a particular
window-configuration and use split-window because that's the only thing
they have.


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