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Re: May your change "Factor out lists of operators specially treated by

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: May your change "Factor out lists of operators specially treated by 'make-autoload'." be added to Emacs?
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 23:15:02 +0900

Samuel Bronson writes:

 > While this leaves me rather puzzled as to how the code to which I wish
 > to apply your refactoring came to be in GNU Emacs, the important thing
 > is that it *is* here and the refactoring *is* applicable.

Oh, that's very easy to explain.  We need our code to work with
programs written for Emacs, so semantics of code that affects
3rd-party packages can't vary much from Emacs.  The spec and original
implementation of autoload.el were inherited from Emacs (Roland
McGrath wrote the original, I think), but Ben's code is usually
entirely new except where he states in the ChangeLog that it was a
sync.  In this case there's no such note, so I assume (to be on the
safe side of the Emacs assignment policy) that Ben wrote the
implementation we're currently using since he's the one who installed
the code.

 > I suppose I will have to bring my own copyright assignment papers up
 > to date at some point, though, now that I've graduated from college.
 > It would be nice if somebody could tell me how to do that.

If Stefan or Yidong doesn't pick up on this message write them
directly and they'll get the copyright clerk to send you the necessary

 > This all started because I kept whining in #emacs about
 > package.el/autoload.el not supporting autoload generation for custom
 > defun-like macros properly,

Well there you go!

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