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Re: xterm.c (x_clear_frame) - commented out call to XClearWindow

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: xterm.c (x_clear_frame) - commented out call to XClearWindow
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 19:02:47 +0100


21 nov 2011 kl. 12:36 skrev Geoff Gole:

>> OK, I see the problem now; thanks.  I guess your proposed fix is an OK
>> band-aid.  A more correct fix would be to make sure that the echo area
>> is painted properly when drawing glyph strings, i.e. all the way to the
>> bottom of the frame.  But that may not be a straightforward change.
>> The problem doesn't stop there, though: depending on the screen width,
>> there's a similar unpainted space to the right of the GTK scroll bar,
>> and another in the echo area where the scroll bar normally appears.
> Indeed, I missed that. I also notice that there's no window covering
> some of those areas, so mouse interaction is pretty broken there
> (though unpainted space next to scroll bars inside the frame doesn't
> have that problem).
> It seems pretty broken to have leftover space there. It should
> probably be part of the appropriate window.

The uncommented XClearWindow in x_clear_frame must be there so I activated it 

Just doing
(set-background-color "green")

and then

(set-background-color "white")

leaves big chunks of green where there is no text unless x_clear_frame does its 
Flickering is almost unavoidable for Gtk as we bypass the normal Gtk drawing 
Flickering also occurs for other toolkits, but not as bad.  The whole redraw 
mechanism used by Emacs is in it self flickerish.

        Jan D.

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