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Compounds in SKK-JISYO.L may be included?

From: Tetsuo Tsukamoto
Subject: Compounds in SKK-JISYO.L may be included?
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 21:54:21 +0100
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Emacs includes part of SKK-JISYO.L, which is a Kana-Kanji
dictinoary for a Japanese input method called SKK.

Its size is more than 4 MB, but the size of leim/ja-dic.el is
much reduced by excluding those words which may be generated as

For example, leim/ja-dic.el doesn't contain the word 大丈夫
(dai-jo-bu) that means fine, OK, all right, etc.  

大丈夫 can be generated by 大 (dai) and 丈夫 (jo-bu), but this
process also generates many meaningless words, which may annoy

I would propose to include compounds for a better efficacy if the
size permits.

Tetsuo Tsukamoto

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