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Re: texinfo-master-menu and emacs.texi

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: texinfo-master-menu and emacs.texi
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 13:04:36 -0600

On Thu Dec 8 2011 Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> For manuals spread across several files, you need the following
> procedure:
>  . In each individual file, run texinfo-update-node and
>    texinfo-make-menu as necessary (i.e., only in those nodes which you
>    modified or created anew)
>  . After doing the above for all the constituent files, including the
>    "outer" file (the main one, which includes the other ones), invoke
>    "C-u M-x texinfo-multiple-files-update RET", to update the master
>    menu in the "outer" file.  (You will see in emacs.texi some
>    comments that are evidence of this latter command being used on the
>    Emacs manuals.)  Please read carefully the doc string of
>    texinfo-multiple-files-update and its documentation in the Texinfo
>    manual, before you invoke it, to make sure you understand what it
>    will do.
> Let me know if the above 2-step procedure does what you want.

Thanks a lot for the detailed recipe. Up to now, the texinfo manual
I want to write is really not much more than gpl.texi and
doclicense.texi.  I started this thread because it was not quite
clear to me how things are supposed to work from a technical
perspective.  Anyway, I need the content, too, for which I'd love
yet more if there was a single emacs command taking care of it...

So from that perspective I will need a little while before I
can report in more detail about my success or failure with this
2-step procedure.

Thanks again,


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