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Re: changes to cfengine-mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: changes to cfengine-mode
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:51:48 -0500
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>>> 2) rename all the "cfengine-*" variables used only by `cfengine2-mode'
>>> to "cfengine2-*"
SM> Is this needed?  Do these variables only make sense for cfengine2 syntax?
> Yes, I renamed those that are only for cfengine2.

There's a difference between "only used for cfengine2" and "only makes
sense for cfengine2".  E.g. it might only be used for cfengine2 because
it's just not implemented for cfengine3 (e.g. for lack of resources, or
because some other generic Emacs feature can be used instead).

Basically, renaming user variables is a hassle, so it should only be done
when it's really needed, e.g. to avoid conflicts or fix a real problem.

> I'll commit the revised code after 24.1 is out.

I'd like to see the shuffle (cfengine-mode->cfengine2-mode and
cfengine-auto-mode->cfengine-mode) be in Emacs-24.1.  You can include
the docfixes at the same time.

SM> *Messages* tells me:
SM> Error during redisplay: (void-variable font-lock-constant-name-face)
> I don't know why it says that.  That variable is defined in
> font-lock.el, right?  Or am I missing something?

Yes, you're missing the fact that it's not defined ;-)
BTW, to debug font-lock problem, I recommend you start by (setq
font-lock-support-mode nil), so that debug-on-error works.


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