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Re: C-g crash in C-x C-f (OSX Lion)

From: Carsten Mattner
Subject: Re: C-g crash in C-x C-f (OSX Lion)
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 21:14:48 +0100

On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 9:11 PM, Carsten Mattner
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 8:02 PM, Carsten Mattner
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 8:00 PM, Carsten Mattner
>> <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> OK, I made it crash.
>>> I'm not sure what it was exactly but I was about to discard the changes
>>> to a file and pressed kill-buffer (C-x k) and probably C-g to cancel.
>> Should I try without evil-mode loaded?
>> Maybe I should kept it in gdb for more commands to run on the live
>> image. Sorry, I will keep the next crash open if you think it's useful.
> Happened again and this time also when I did a visual selection of
> text in a buffer.
> Eli, any further inspection you want me to do for revealing more info about
> the crash?
> I was also able to make it crash when started with -nw.
> Looks like the same fault:

Sorry, it's not the same backtrace. My fault.
This is the one with the Cocoa frontend:
#0  0x9adc5d50 in strlen ()
#1  0x001e7601 in intern (str=0x0) at lread.c:3707
#2  0x00283efb in ns_string_to_symbol (t=0x0) at nsselect.m:86
#3  0x002847ab in ns_handle_selection_request (event=0xbfffef88) at

vs the below with with the terminal frontend.

Next I will not load evil-mode and see what happens.

> #0  0x94fa5b42 in select$DARWIN_EXTSN ()
> #1  0x002639c2 in ns_select (nfds=5, readfds=0xbfffeda0,
> writefds=0xbfffed20, exceptfds=0x0, timeout=0xbfffed00) at
> nsterm.m:3493
> #2  0x0021b97d in wait_reading_process_output (time_limit=30,
> microsecs=0, read_kbd=-1, do_display=1, wait_for_cell=27703842,
> wait_proc=0x0, just_wait_proc=0) at process.c:4610
> #3  0x000100a5 in sit_for (timeout=120, reading=1, do_display=1) at
> dispnew.c:6060
> #4  0x000fa2b8 in read_char (commandflag=1, nmaps=12, maps=0xbffff170,
> prev_event=27703842, used_mouse_menu=0xbffff33c, end_time=0x0) at
> keyboard.c:2688
> #5  0x00108b7d in read_key_sequence (keybuf=0xbffff4e8, bufsize=30,
> prompt=27703842, dont_downcase_last=0, can_return_switch_frame=1,
> fix_current_buffer=1) at keyboard.c:9300
> #6  0x000f707f in command_loop_1 () at keyboard.c:1448
> #7  0x001ac5d6 in internal_condition_case (bfun=0xf6b70
> <command_loop_1>, handlers=27748746, hfun=0xf6180 <cmd_error>) at
> eval.c:1499
> #8  0x000f66cd in command_loop_2 (ignore=27703842) at keyboard.c:1159
> #9  0x001abebf in internal_catch (tag=27746770, func=0xf6690
> <command_loop_2>, arg=27703842) at eval.c:1256
> #10 0x000f664b in command_loop () at keyboard.c:1138
> #11 0x000f5b95 in recursive_edit_1 () at keyboard.c:758
> #12 0x000f5d86 in Frecursive_edit () at keyboard.c:822
> #13 0x000f3b6a in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff9c4) at emacs.c:1709

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