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Re: Patch to bookmark.el

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Patch to bookmark.el
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 13:11:13 -0500
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Matthias Meulien <address@hidden> writes:
>I just tested the patch you sent to address@hidden and realized it
>is not based on the last version I sent to you: After applying your

Sorry -- I don't know what happend, but I only ever got one version from
you (as far as I know), which is the one my patch was based on.  But
anyway, see below...

>patch, I still have a 
>   (forward-line 2)
>in function `bookmark-bmenu-show-filenames'. With this patch, file names
>are not shown in the first two lines of the bookmark list (after calling
>It should be replaced by something like:
>   (when bookmark-bmenu-use-header-line
>      (bookmark-bmenu-set-header)
>     (forward-line bookmark-bmenu-header-height))
>By the way, I have also a version of bookmark.el which adds dedicated
>faces for buffer names and file paths like in the buffer list. If people
>are interested I can send the corresponding patch to emacs-devel...

Sounds good.  For the sake of organization, let's do things this way:

For your original patch, can you please regenerate the entire patch
against the latest bookmark.el...

  (click the "download file" button)

...and post it here, incorporating tweaks from my revised patch as
appropriate, and including a log message similarly to the one I recently
posted?  Unified diff format ("diff -u") is best.  Then we can do review
right here.

And as for the dedicated-faces patch, yes, thanks, we'd love to see it
posted here too!  Also generated against the latest pristine bookmark.el
and with a log message.  But let's keep the two patches separate, to
make review simpler.


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