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Re: Correct fallback from display-buffer-function

From: Tomohiro Matsuyama
Subject: Re: Correct fallback from display-buffer-function
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 21:11:11 +0900
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>> So, could you tell me a good solution for this problem?
> Add to `display-buffer-alist' a regexp matching the names of the buffer
> you want to handle via your `display-buffer-function' plus the function
> of your choice.  Don't use `display-buffer-function', it's here for
> compatibility with earlier Emacs versions only.  Check with the code of
> `display-buffer' to know what will be passed to your function via the
> ALIST argument.

OK. I will use `display-buffer-alist' for future release.
Thanks a lot!


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