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BUG: Emacs crashes due to org-mode parameter org-indent-mode

From: Gustav Wikström
Subject: BUG: Emacs crashes due to org-mode parameter org-indent-mode
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 00:04:17 +0100

Hello dear Emacs developers!

I recently stumbled upon an org-mode related bug when upgrading to Emacs 24 on windows (Emacs-24.0.92).

The problem occurs when org-indent-mode is on in indirect buffers in an org-mode file (after using the command "org-tree-to-indirect-buffer" (C-c C-x b) on a headline with some sub-information) and org-cycle (tab) is done on the first line. This breaks my emacs. I've reasoned out that emacs crashes on the call to the c-function "overlay-put" when executing org-cycle. I however don't have and debug-trace.. sorry for that.

The problem should be reproducible with the following:

- Start emacs without any initial settings (runemacs.exe -q)
- Open an org-mode file
- M-x org-indent-mode
- C-c C-x b on a heading in the file
- tab

My temporary fix for this is to not use org-indent-mode... Then everything (almost ) works as intended. I would however be happy if I could start using org-indent-mode again!

This is also posted on the org-mode list but due to the relation to emacs-c-functions the question is moved to this forum.

Gustav Wikström

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