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Re: Emacs 24 semantic C++ completion problem

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: Emacs 24 semantic C++ completion problem
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:22:22 +0100
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Eric M. Ludlam writes:
> For the 2nd problem you list, that seems more like a bug that may have
> been fixed with the version of CEDET from the CEDET bzr
> repository. There have been a few bug fixes there since CEDET was last
> merged into Emacs.  If setting up EDE fixes the first but not the
> second, you should check w/ the CEDET bzr repository.

FWIW, I tested Ogre3d with Semantic from bzr a while ago (after a
similar bug report on Semantic-devel), and it seemed to worked fine.

Note however that our current 'trunk' from bzr is setup a bit
differently than the one in Emacs. If you'd like to keep your current
.emacs setup, you better use our 'newtrunk' by doing

bzr checkout bzr://cedet.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/cedet/code/newtrunk cedet

Simply compile using 'make' and then load CEDET through

(load-file "<PATH>/cedet-devel-load.el")

(preferrably at the beginning of your .emacs).


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