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Re: Global bar to display global information

From: Jérémy Compostella
Subject: Re: Global bar to display global information
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 14:13:04 +0100

Stefan, all,

I work with this patch for two days now and it works perfectly fine.
The redisplay works fine without any extras rendering operation
(I instrumented a little bit to check that point).

I will be very grateful if someone could try it, review it and tell me
if something is wrong with it.

With the patch applied and the following :

(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create " *Minibuf-0*")
  (insert "Information displayed in echo area :)"))

you should see the "Information displayed in echo area :)" instead
of the empty usual message.

I'm currently working on a package which displays some more usefull
information like the date, the battery status, the jabber status, the mail
status and anything you may want in the echo area through the " *Minibuf-0*"

Thank you and Happy New Year 2012 !


2011/12/30 Jérémy Compostella <address@hidden>
2011/8/22 Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> Yet, the displayed information is not completely stable. What I mean is
> that if I move the cursor in another buffer, the echo area is sometimes
> cleared. It's a little bit annoying. How could I fix this without
> advising several cursor displacement function ?

I don't know enough about this code to be able to answer.  You're going
to have to investigate which code does this "clearing" and what calls
it, to then be able to figure out what's the best way to address the
problem (we can change the C code for that in 24.2 if needed).


I finally get time to work again on this global information area. I
think the use of " *Minibuf-0*" proposal is really interesting since the
echo area is most of the time useless and the global information are not
really useful when I'm using the minibuffer. So I tried to figure out
why it didn't work the way you said.

The problem is, considering I had put data in the " *Minibuf-0*", these
data are not displayed in the echo area. However, the " *Minibuf-0*" is
displayed each time I do a switch-to-buffer call. But once I type, the
echo area is cleared.

First, each time I type, the clear_message(1, 0) is called even when the
echo area is already cleared. This call looks useless and is part of the
cause of the behavior described above.

Second, when the echo area is clearing it does not redisplay the
miniwindow. So the " *Minibuf-0*" is not displayed as expected.

I tested this patch with emacs -Q, emacs -Q -nw and with my whole
configuration. Everything works perfectly fine and as
expected. Moreover, I verified that this patch does not generate extras
miniwindow redisplay.

Please merge it or review it,

Best regards,


One Emacs to rule them all

« Si debugger, c'est supprimer des bugs, alors programmer ne peut être que les ajouter » - Edsger Dijkstra

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