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Re: Unwarranted invocation of starttls

From: Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: Unwarranted invocation of starttls
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 20:39:27 +0100
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Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:

> It can work, with a lot of fiddling, but is unreliable and causes many
> issues that are hard to replicate, timeouts especially.  I don't know of
> anyone happily using it on W32 and think disabling it on W32 is a good
> choice.

If it can work, isn't there a way to make it work reliably?  Where does
it fail, usually?

But if this is the case, I can add a test like

(memq system-type '(windows-nt ms-dos))

to `starttls-available-p'...  Opinions?

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