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Re: GnuTLS for W32

From: Óscar Fuentes
Subject: Re: GnuTLS for W32
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 16:17:12 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:


>> I could say that your real-world experience distributing, installing
>> and supporting software across heterogenous environments looks quite
>> limited, but I'll rather suppose that you were very lucky so far.
> You can call 7 years of safe use on 4 different machines luck if you
> want.  I call it discipline and following safe practices.

Wait a minute. You are basing the points you so vehemently defend on
just personal experience with your own machines? Does that make sense at
all? Do you think that people is so disciplined and knowledgeable (and
lucky!) as you and that makes all the problems you don't have to become
irrelevant for Emacs?

That last paragraph of yours speaks tons about our different stances on
this issue. It is my direct responsability to keep my software up and
running for hundreds of users across dozens of sites and configurations
on machines I don't control, quite a few of them playing a critical
role, and deal with bug reports from tens of thousands of users
more. Acting as if the experience I gather from my desktop were enough
to set the bar for the rest of world would be so foolish that I would be
out of bussiness and sued after the three first months. Maybe Emacs
doesn't need so much careful thinking as mission-critical software does,
but basing design decissions onto very limited personal experiences
looks quite wrong too.

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