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RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#10385: e binding in info-mode
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 23:03:15 -0800

> I have considered Info-edit obsolete ever since we had Texinfo.

If you don't tell the users that something is deprecated/obsolete, then such
interior consideration doesn't mean much.

It makes sense to let users know what to expect in terms of support etc.  And
that is pretty typical.

> Info has existed since 1976 or so, in the original Emacs.  At that
> time, Info files were written by hand, and everyone could edit system
> files on ITS.  Thus, Info-edit was useful there.
> When I implemented info in GNU Emacs, I wrote Info-edit there too.
> Then I implemented Texinfo to format the Emacs manual.  This made
> Info-edit useless when Texinfo is in use -- which ought to be always.

Dunno why it "ought" to be.  But I won't argue the point.  (But see my other

> Meanwhile, ordinary users can't edit the installed Info files anyway.

Why not?  What prevents them?

> So Info-edit is basically useless.

So you could have deprecated it, uh, let's see, about 30 years ago, and you've
known that for that time.  Apparently there has been no hurry. ;-)

Might as well deprecate it now and desupport it in Emacs 24.2 (or 29.3), I

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