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Re: Mac OS-compatible ports

From: Dimitri Fontaine
Subject: Re: Mac OS-compatible ports
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 09:37:27 +0100
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chad <address@hidden> writes:
> There are some known issues that make subprocesses slow (usually hits

Oh, I'm using subprocesses a lot. That's a list-processes edited paste
from my current Emacs session (still fast enough, emacs-uptime is just
about less than 24h).

  *nnimap*      open    --           (network connection to 
  *nnimap*<1>   open    --           (network connection to 
  *nnimap*<2>   open    --           (network connection to 
  bitlbee       run     /dev/ttys001 /bin/bash -c /sw/sbin/bitlbee ...
  ispell        run     --           ispell -a -m -d english -B
  localhost     open    --           (network connection to 
  nntpd         open    --           (network connection to 
  offlineimap   run     /dev/ttys000 /bin/bash -c offlineimap -u 
  pgsql..       open    --           (network connection to 
  shell         run     /dev/ttys002 /bin/bash --noediting -i
  tapoueh.org   open    --           (network connection to
  terminal      run     /dev/ttys003 /bin/sh -c stty -nl ... /bin/bash

Note that I often run commands that launch a transient subprocess (M-x
compile, M-x grep, M-x ack, M-x el-get-self-update, etc), and that I
have some local facilities using shell-command-to-string or the like

Here's also the last line of M-x ibuffer:

      525 buffers         15732610                  480 files, 10 processes

I'm using desktop-save-mode so that I don't have to reopen every single
file at startup, too.

> flyspell, although it's still usually fast enough in my experience), and
> there have been several discussions about slowness in CC-mode due to unusual
> cases lately.

Thing is it's usually plenty fast enough. My feeling is that it gets
slower and slower with uptime growing, so that I sometime need to
restart Emacs just to get back normal usable behavior.


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