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Re: Emacs in a Chrome Tab? (related to NaCl Support for Emacs discussion

From: Antoine Levitt
Subject: Re: Emacs in a Chrome Tab? (related to NaCl Support for Emacs discussion)
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 22:08:10 +0100
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09/01/12 21:41, Paul Michael Reilly
> My curiosity peaked recently with the thread on NaCl support for
> Emacs.  Not having a clue what NaCl was all about, I took to Google to
> find out more.  And if I read it right, it is all about having a
> HTML/Javascript/CSS wrapper around a C/C++ native code application
> running in the browser.
>  Very cool in its own right but simply awesome
> if that wrapped code happens to be Emacs.  The NaCl Support for Emacs
> discussion seems to be focused on security/library  (crypto) issues
> which tend to make my brain hurt so a new thread seems appropriate to
> discuss this notion of Emacs running in a Chrome tab.  For all I know
> the current NaCl thread might be a totally different NaCl thing than
> NativeClient.

It is. NaCl is a crypto lib, see http://nacl.cr.yp.to/

> I raised this issue last year (Emacs in the Cloud) but I don't
> recollect any mention of NativeClient at that time.  The notion of
> opening up a new machine, installing Chrome (if it is not already
> installed), heading off to the Chrome Web Store to get the latest NaCl
> version of Gnu Emacs, and then using an Emacs tab to edit files/run
> shells/install ELPA packages is very appealing to me.
> Is anyone aware of technical "gotchas" that make this notion
> unrealizable by a mere mortal in just one lifetime?

Isn't that an issue to be tackled by the window managers? Why would it
be emacs-specific? I'm not sure I see the point anyway.

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