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unobstrusive way to show indentation

From: Le Wang
Subject: unobstrusive way to show indentation
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 00:10:40 +0800


How difficult would it be to implement some way to show indentation levels in an unobstrusive way?  Sublime text and other modern editors do this by drawing a thin vertical line down from (back-to-indentation).  I find it really helpful when reading code.  This stackoverflow question clarifies what I'm after, although I didn't ask it.  I find this really helpful when reading a piece of code with many block levels, especially since the standard indentation level for ruby is 2 spaces.

I guess it can be faked by changing the face of that column, but that would be more obstrusive than a thin line.  Maybe there is another solution I haven't thought of?


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