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Re: lexical-binding rationale?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: lexical-binding rationale?
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 21:30:44 -0500
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>> The intention is that it should work like any other file-local setting
>> so it can go in the end as well, but I haven't checked that
>> lisp_file_lexically_bound_p handles that cases correctly.
> Just from looking at it, it sure looks like it doesn't.

Hmm... indeed!

I guess lisp_file_lexically_bound_p should largely be rewritten by
moving it to load-with-code-conversion/load-source-file-function.
This said, now that I see the code it's clear that if we care about the
performance of loading .el (i.e. uncompiled) files, then we should force
lexical-binding to be on the first line.  Of course, currently it looks
like we don't care about this performance (that's probably the reason
why people have started to see a real speed up when compiling their
.emacs file), but if we want to be able to change our minds, we'd better
impose the restriction right away because afterwards will be too late.


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