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Underscores and word commands

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Underscores and word commands
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 13:57:02 -0500
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> My "instincts" have long been to interpret "word" as "identifier or keyword"

That's OK.

> in programming modes, to the point of customizing the syntax tables at
> startup to make "_" a word component.  Not for regular expressions, but for

While you're free to do it in your .emacs of course, it's not a good
solution when it makes its way into a package's source code because it
then imposes this conflation of the two concepts on every user (they
can't easily fix it in their .emacs).

C-M-SPC, C-M-f, and C-M-b already jump over symbols in many of the
relevant cases, but we should probably offer, along the lines of
subword-mode, a new minor mode that makes word commands operate on
symbols rather than just words (without messing with syntax tables,
since that can have much further reaching consequences).


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