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New minor mode toggling in V24

From: Frozenlock
Subject: New minor mode toggling in V24
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 19:49:53 -0500

Dear GNU Emacs developers,

I've noticed that I can no longer use the form (some-minor-mode) to
toggle a minor mode on and off in a function. The function's
documentation now says "If called from Lisp, enable the mode if ARG is
omitted or nil."

My understanding of Lisp would have led me into thinking that a mode
is on when true and off when nil. Of course, I'm sure there's a good
reason for this, such as the "toggling" behavior.

However, that a function could behave differently when called
interactively violates the principle of least astonishment.
_Especially_ for functions used as often as modes.

If only it was that...

Now to toggle a mode inside a function, I do something like this:
(some-minor-mode (when some-minor-mode-variable) -1)
Yet, some modes do not name the some-minor-mode-variable the same as
the mode itself, making the action of toggling a mode a one of a kind,
built only for this mode.

Could minor-modes function behave the same when called by a function
as they would if called interactively? I believe The toggling would be
easier to understand for everyone (at least for myself).

ARG nil --> toggle
ARG 1   --> on
ARG -1  --> off

Thank you for your time,

Christian Fortin

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