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Re: quotation marks [was Re: TUTORIAL.de updated]

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: quotation marks [was Re: TUTORIAL.de updated]
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 15:10:49 +0900

Paul Eggert writes:
 > On 01/20/2012 05:13 PM, Ted Zlatanov wrote:
 > > maybe it would be nicer to have %` and %' for
 > > open/close quote instead

As Jim Cloos pointed out, we (at least he and I ;-) want to move in
the direction of semantic markup.  Also, I can just see people abusing
the one-sided quotes to get a "pretty" apostrophe.

 > I had thought of that, but %' already has a different
 > meaning with POSIX printf (it inserts thousands grouping
 > characters when formatting numbers), and we might want to
 > implement that in Emacs someday.
 > We could use some other combinations, e.g., %< and %>
 > (they kinda look like French quote marks).  It's possible
 > to support both,

You're getting carried away.  No thank you to multiple ways to do
something that's purely cosmetic.

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