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Re: [PATCH] windmove.el: Fix windmove-reference-loc miscalculation

From: Jérémy Compostella
Subject: Re: [PATCH] windmove.el: Fix windmove-reference-loc miscalculation
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 11:05:26 +0100

As we agreed about the solution, could you please merge this patch ?
This bug is really annoying to me and probably to many others.



2012/1/20 Jérémy Compostella <address@hidden>
2012/1/20 martin rudalics <address@hidden>
> Effectively the issue is only windmove.el related.

So IIUC the issue is that `windmove-reference-loc'

            (let ((col-row
                    (posn-at-point (window-point window) window))))
              (cons (- (car col-row) (window-hscroll window))
                    (cdr col-row)))))))))

wrongly subtracts the value returned by `window-hscroll' from a column
value correctly calculated by `posn-at-point' (window_box_left_offset)?

Yes, you're perfectly right that's my point and my patch remove this.

It's time to friday beer evening now :)

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