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[EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Extending Isearch-repeat-forward/backward to suppor

From: Gideon Stupp
Subject: [EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Extending Isearch-repeat-forward/backward to support a prefix argument following suggesion by Juri Linkov
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 19:27:06 +0200

Package: emacs
Tags: patch
Severity: wishlist

This experimental patch implements a suggestion by Juri Linkov to extend
isearch-repeat-forward/backward to support a prefix argument. Instead of
pressing C-s / C-r multiple times it is possible with this patch to
enter a prefix argument
which runs the command multiple times for you. If a negative argument
is given for
isearch-repeat-forward then isearch-repeat-backward is run and visa
versa. Visual hints
are added to the matched strings to help figure out what argument
should be given.

Please try it out.

Thanks, Gideon.

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