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Re: Interest in "Elisp lint"-like tool?

From: Daniel Hackney
Subject: Re: Interest in "Elisp lint"-like tool?
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 09:46:46 -0500

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote:
> (trivial comments only)
> Daniel Hackney wrote:
>>   - elLint
> A bad name, since elint.el already exists. (See also lisp-mnt.el.)

Ah, I wasn't aware. Again, these are merely random ideas off the top of
my head; I'm sure others could come up with better (read: less cheesy
and less already-taken-y) names.

>> Some of these style choices seem fairly uncontroversial (like making
>> sure `provide' is at the end of the file)
> It is not always possible though (to avoid recursive requires is the
> usual reason).

Haha, bad choice of "uncontroversial" example, then! ;)

Looking at the list again, I guess none of them are truly
uncontroversial, but many should be reasonably easy to agree on, like
having ";;; filename.el --- What this file does" as the first line or
"no trailing whitespace."

The broader point is that I think it would be useful to have some
guidelines on these sorts of things beyond what currently exists, and
some way to enforce or "gently suggest" adherence to them.

Daniel M. Hackney

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