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Re: Tabs are ready? -> Let us give a definition of tabs.

From: Nix
Subject: Re: Tabs are ready? -> Let us give a definition of tabs.
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 17:15:13 +0000
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On 7 Feb 2012, Stephen J. Turnbull spake thusly:

> Nix writes:
>  > I don't know. I'd actually very much like a set of per-window tabs which
>  > recorded not a single buffer per tab but an entire window-configuration
>  > per tab. It would make a nice user interface for things like winring.el.
> I agree with this to a point.  The sticking point is that to me the
> tab metaphor is about controlling what's displayed in a given region
> (usually rectangular, always of constant shape and size) of the
> screen.  I would be disconcerted if clicking a tab caused the frame to
> resize.

Indeed. I don't really expect window configurations to resize the frame
either, and am surprised whenever it happens. I'd much rather they tried
to fit the windows into the frame given its current size, as best they
could... (but that might be hard if the frame has radically resized).

This rarely impacts me though because all my Emacs X frames are the same

> In any case, a quick and dirty implementation should not be hard, as
> long as you let the window configuration associated with a tab drive
> the frame geometry (who cares if Steve is disconcerted? ;-) The
> refinements would be to deal with (a) constraining the window
> configurations allowed and (b) constructing a "normalized" (adapted to
> the tab's preferred geometry) configuration.

Yes indeed.

NULL && (void)

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