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Re: CL package serious deficiencies

From: Nix
Subject: Re: CL package serious deficiencies
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 23:35:17 +0000
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On 8 Feb 2012, Lars Ingebrigtsen verbalised:

> Meanwhile, most of the people who program Emacs Lisp daily (i.e., people
> like me) have always been in favour of including it.  Who doesn't want
> `incf'?  `plusp'?  `delete-if-not'?  `position'?  So you get all these
> hundreds of reimplementations of all these necessary functions, only
> spread over all the different packages.

Exactly. It's the latter ugliness that I think is really, well, ugly.
Duplicated code: duplicated overheads: duplicated bugs. Bleah.

NULL && (void)

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