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where-is only mentions first key in interval

From: Per Starbäck
Subject: where-is only mentions first key in interval
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:19:24 +0100

I did  C-h w dired-find-file  in dired and was surprised that the

  dired-find-file is on RET, e, <menu-bar> <immediate> <find-file>

didn't include 'f' which also is bound to dired-find-file.

It's because 'e' and 'f' come directly after each other.
'where-is-internal' returns

  ([13] [(101 . 102)] [menu-bar immediate find-file])

which includes the interval e..f (101..102), and then 'where-is' maps
'key-description' on that, and

  (key-description [(101 . 102)]) returns just "e".

Is this a bug or just a misfeature?

With Emacs 22.3 the answer is instead the better

 dired-find-file is on f, e, <menu-bar> <immediate> <find-file>;
  its alias dired-advertised-find-file is on RET

but from Emacs 23 'f' is no longer mentioned. (That includes current
23.4 and current pretest 24.0.93.

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