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Re: Windows 64 port

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: Re: Windows 64 port
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 23:05:52 +0100

Hi Eli,

Here is my Windows 64 bits patch. It is quite crude and only attempts to make it possible to compile
a 64bits emacs with the MS Sdk.
I have sent the paperwork to the FSF last week, so this patch could be reviewed and maybe integrated soon.
It is against emacs-24, current trunk.
Not everything is taken cared of: the heap allocation scheme should probably be reworked. Anyway,
I was able to run an emacs and make it allocate everything available on my Windows 64 machine 
(4Gb of Ram + around 10Gb of swap). It just did it without crashing.

Best regards,


2012/2/19 Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
> Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 21:18:00 +0100
> From: AJMR <address@hidden>
> I would love to start to contribute to the GNU community and I thought
> that porting Emacs 23 to Windows 64, could be a good useful entry.

Thanks, it will.

> However, I have no idea on how to, or where, start.

Start with bug #9960, where some of this was discussed.  Maybe Fabrice
could post the patches he has till now.

Fabrice Popineau
Département Informatique
3, rue Joliot Curie
91192 Gif/Yvette Cedex
Tel direct : +33 (0) 169851950
Standard : +33 (0) 169851212

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