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Re: Windows 64 port

From: Aurélien
Subject: Re: Windows 64 port
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 06:52:43 +0100
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Fabrice Popineau <address@hidden> writes:

>     But they don't correct the title and the article ... so imagine, most of
>     people coming from windows and apple which try to have some information
>     about what they know ... most of time Linux, they just rarely, for
>     "best" of them find the true.
> Speaking for myself, I have contributed in the early days of Linux (0.98) to 
> various distribs and sent patches to 
> several parts of them (except the kernel). Most of these (small) patches were 
> to GNU Software. Just to say that I know
> the difference between the kernel and the rest of the packages and were they 
> come  from. But take it for language
> lazyness / failure to impose a brand / penalty for success ... all people 
> around me (students, colleagues in France)
> use "Linux" for the GNU/Linux system. (On the other hand they would possibly 
> say that Linux is FSF sofware.)
> (No offense intended!)
> Best regards,
> --
> Fabrice Popineau
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There is no offense, but, i will get the time to bring you back into
reality, i live in Corsica, not far from you, have made most of my study
in France.

Last time i have works for the French Educationnal System, most of
teacher just not know the word GNU. It is not because of the fact of
public school but just the fact they are the first victim of the
politics. (and our childrens just after)

For private school, it "seems" to goes better, but from what i saw after
12 hour of speach with a student from supinfo et does not know about
what really GNU / Linux is and just never heard of GNU / Linux-libre and
the distro corresponding. (but he was very please to put on the table
lot of crappy trademark technology.)

The fact is that when the "super supinfo" student see GNU Emacs out of X
and the fact that video is possible, he O_O and understand that it's own
"superschool" and "supteach" make them missed a serious point.

I am not offensed, by you, but my country, for the time they make me
loose during my own studies, because of obscurantism and offense today
for my childrens which have to pay the price of idiocraty.

Please don't tell me that people in France know about FSF, i have spread
about the FSF existance in Corsica from 2 years, and just before that,
no one have ever hear about that.

So no i am not offense by you, but no, i will not anymore loose my time with
"superwin&app" thinkers.

A guy have wrote one day "Free Software, Free Society", please get time
to think and spread about that, for my point, i go back in silent, and
try to upgrade my mind with GNU Emacs.

Thanks to the Dr ;-D

P.S.: for wikipedia, at this time, with that sort of people, (Don't
forget that behind the CIA there is the "skull & bones") i prefer the
silent too. But i will say what i think of what they are doing is so
lazy, that here is someone which have already respond to them :: 
"You get more easely things with a gun and a smile than just a smile"
--Al Capone 

Aurelien - Animateur address@hidden
Free Software & Zen Minimalism Hactivist
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