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New input method: bulgarian-new-phonetic

From: Йордан Миладинов
Subject: New input method: bulgarian-new-phonetic
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:20:25 +0200

Hello, everyone!

Let me introduce first as this is my first group email.

My name is Yordan Miladinov, I'm 23 and and I'm using Emacs as my primary editor for 3 or 4 years now.

OK, on the problem now:
As far as I see, here, in Bulgaria, the most frequently used keyboard layout for writing in Bulgarian language is the new phonetic layout. It was actually issued as BDS (Bulgarian National Standard) in 2006. Oddly Emacs doesn't support it yet. That's why I made a patch to add it as an input method (modifying the leim/quail/cyrillic.el file). It works as it is intended to work and since I was happy with the result I committed the patch upstream (using bazaar as described in the EmacsWiki page).

My question is how can I get to know if the patch successfully passed a CR, who's revisioning it and, if it's rejected, why.

Also, because I did few improvements on the input method since I committed it (that was 5 days ago), should I resubmit the file or should I wait for the initial changes to get approved first?

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