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Re: gdb gdb doesn't work worth a damn

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: gdb gdb doesn't work worth a damn
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 03:39:05 -0500
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Kaushik Srenevasan wrote:

> I hit this yesterday too. GDB-MI doesn't seem to be able to handle
> what GDB calls "multiple" breakpoints. i.e. a breakpoint that GDB sets
> on every overloaded function that matches an expression. The problem
> is that the MI output has an extra field - "type" only on the "parent
> breakpoint", while GDB-MI expects to find it even on "child
> breakpoints".
> I've attached a patch. Could you check if it works for you too?

I don't know anything about gdb, but this looks reasonable, so based on
I installed it. Thanks.

Note that

(if A A B)

is better written as

(or A B)

which removes the need for the `let's.

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