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emacsclient: create a new frame if one doesn't exist

From: Eddie Hillenbrand
Subject: emacsclient: create a new frame if one doesn't exist
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:47:57 -0700

I'm using emacsclient with emacs --daemon, but I find myself wanting a
different behavior than the standard options provide.

It would be nice if emacsclient could create a window system frame
only when one doesn't exist and if one does exist simply reuse that

I know I can get this behavior by initially invoking emacsclient with
-c and then subsequently invoking it without the -c, however I'd
prefer not to think about whether I need to include the -c when
opening files.

Thankfully there is the --eval option. I wrote some Elisp that can be
passed to emacsclient to provide this behavior, but it occurred to me
that it may be general enough to include in emacsclient as a standard

I'm proposing adding a -C option that would "create a new frame if one
doesn't exist otherwise use the current Emacs frame." I'd be happy to
make the required changes and submit a patch. Is this general enough
to be implemented?

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