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Re: status of ruby-mode.el

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: status of ruby-mode.el
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 20:36:37 +0400
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Le Wang <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,What's the status of the ruby-mode.el included in Emacs?
> http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/173561I found this message on the ruby
> mailing-list which suggests development was supposed to move to Emacs,
> but the Ruby's HEAD version of ruby-mode.el clearly has further
> changes.
> For example: The new hash syntax is supported in the Ruby HEAD version.

The new hash syntax is already supported in the Emacs trunk version, and
it had a related fix committed recently
which is not present in Ruby HEAD.

That's not to say we wouldn't benefit from pulling the latest changes
from it -- `ruby-toggle-block` looks especially nice.

-- Dmitry

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