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Re: Location-aware tags?

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Location-aware tags?
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:46:13 -0600
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Lars> It's possible that this functionality exists, and I'm just unaware of
Lars> it, but wouldn't it be nice if `M-.' could be location-aware instead of
Lars> global?


It would be nice to also accommodate those of us who build outside of
srcdir, if that is possible.

Lars> That way Emacs would magically allow you to easily browse whatever
Lars> source tree you're inspecting without you having to have any particular
Lars> knowledge of the nitty-gritty going on behind the curtain.

Sounds nice.

This is a problem I tried to solve a couple of times.  Well, I tried to
solve a related problem -- auto-updating TAGS.

Once, a long time ago, I changed etags to record its arguments in TAGS.
Then when saving Emacs could re-run etags on just that file.

Another time I did something similar, but using inotify.

The first never went in, I don't remember why.  The second was not
really satisfactory, too slow for some reason.

You can sort of do this using CEDET now, although in my experience it
has been moderately buggy -- in earlier releases, unusuably so; with bzr
trunk Emacs, in a hard-to-characterize way causing random Emacs pauses.

In the end I just went back to GNU idutils instead.  Not quite as nice
as some IDE-ish solution, but workable.


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