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Magit slow on Windows

From: Bastian Bechtold
Subject: Magit slow on Windows
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 14:06:14 +0200


My installation of Magit is dog slow on WIndows. For example, I want to see the 
changes I made to some file in Magit. On Linux and OSX, this is as simple as 
putting point on top of the file name, then hit tab. Magit shows the diff 
instantly. On Windows, it takes about three seconds (on the first try. 
Subsequent tabs on the same file are fast). Same for any other action within 

Funny enough, doing the same thing through eshell is plenty fast.

As some friendly people on the internet pointed out, this apparently did not 
happen in earlier versions of Emacs/Magit.

I am using the latest official Emacs 24 pretest and the latest Magit from 
MELPA/github together with Git for Windows (aka msysgit afaik). I have a Cygwin 
installation, but `which git` in eshell claims that it is using the msysgit 

Any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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