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Re: Using cl in rst.el and elsewhere

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Using cl in rst.el and elsewhere
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 14:30:49 -0400

    > We are already using CLOS (in the form of EIEIO), so the elisp lib cl.el
    > really has been unfairly treated for such a long time because it was put
    > into emacs too ahead of time and because of rms's dislike of CL (the
    > language).

    Ah, I see. Indeed this whole things really smells a lot like a
    political decision like this.

That is erroneous as well as arrogant and nasty.

Some of my decisions about GNU Emacs are political -- derived from the
political purpose of GNU Emacs and of GNU as a whole.  If you think
that is a bad thing, you may be in the wrong place.

However, my decision not to include the cl functions in the normal
Emacs name space is simply technical.  So is my decision not to make
the CL definition of functions such as `member' the standard
definitions in GNU Emacs.

My technical design decisions are based on my ideas of what is technically
better or worse, as are everyone's technical design decisions.

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