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Emacs interpretation of ANSI "control-left" (Apple Terminal compat)

From: Charles Tucker
Subject: Emacs interpretation of ANSI "control-left" (Apple Terminal compat)
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 15:06:20 -0700

Under Apple's Terminal.app, the current default mapping for "control cursor left" and "control cursor right" are the ANSI-standard "\033[5D" and "\033[5C" respectively. The capital letters are required by the standard, apparently, but this leads to strange behavior when running Emacs (every version I've tested, from the default Apple-distributed 22.1, and 23.4/24.1 as built by brew), where ctrl+left/right invokes shift-select-mode during the movement. Is this the correct response to that key sequence?

The same result does not occur in the X11 version of emacs, for the obvious reason that the key-mapping of ctrl+left/right is different for XTerm.



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