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Running ert tests on buffers in rst.el and elsewhere

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Running ert tests on buffers in rst.el and elsewhere
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 23:20:12 +0200


During development of `rst.el` at some point I looked for some unit
test support and found the wonderful ert package which meanwhile is
part of Emacs.

I wanted to test functions which operate on buffers - i.e. use buffer
content as input and possibly modify the buffer. Buffer includes point
and mark in this case. Since I found no support for this requirement
in the ert package I wrote some support code for it. I just polished
it a bit to better fit into Emacs standards.

Since this is a problem others certainly share with me I happily
contribute `ert-buffer.el` containing the main routines and
`buffer.el` containing some tests for the former.

BTW: I installed ert on 2010-10-30 and so far did not use the version
in the Emacs source tree. I.e.: The code may not run smoothly with
current version due to version differences.

The next step I considered was to support testing font locking - or
may be text properties in general. However, I didn't start this yet.
It certainly would be useful.



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