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Re: async.el: A simple asynchronous framework for Emacs

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: async.el: A simple asynchronous framework for Emacs
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 02:52:44 -0500
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>>>>> SAKURAI Masashi <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm interesting in your async solution.  I have written async codes,
> deferred.el and concurrent.el, such as the green-thread in Emacs Lisp.

I remember seeing you deferred.el a few weeks ago, but it seemed just
complicated enough that I shied away.  I wanted an interface that was
literally just one function large, `async-start', since that covers nearly all
of my real-world use cases.

> For the long time jobs and fast communication with other processes, I have
> written a RPC stack on the Emacs: EPC, Emacs remote Procedure Call.
> The EPC may be solve the communication with the child process.
> I have not written the document for EPC yet, if some people are interesting
> in it, I would write some document.

I'm interested to hear more about this.  Although I'd like to figure out why
pipe communication in Emacs appears to be broken, since that already available
on all platforms supporting start-process, and requires no other libraries to
be loaded.

> The EPC is used by Emacs DBI, the database management interface.

This is wonderful!  Thank you so much.  I've wanted a more visual way to query
SQL in Emacs for some time.


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