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Re: 'struct window' cleanup #2

From: Dmitry Antipov
Subject: Re: 'struct window' cleanup #2
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:42:31 +0400
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On 06/25/2012 06:22 PM, John Wiegley wrote:

Dmitry, have you measured what speed/memory advantage this change represents?
I understand the theory of why it may be valuable, but what has convinced you
that it's a hotspot?

1. The main bottleneck of Emacs' C code is mark_object; profiling says it may
consume 25-30% of CPU time for some workloads like long byte-compile runs.
So, lesser calls to mark_object is always desirable.

2. It doesn't make sense to use Lisp_Object for the integer values which are:
  a) invisible from Lisp;
  b) always contains an integer values (no nil or t with special treatment,
     for example);
  c) always converted to C integer values for the sake of comparison.


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