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Request for help: advice-lite

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Request for help: advice-lite
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 00:09:56 -0400
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Advice.el is a very nice library, but sadly there are many places in
Emacs where we could use it but we don't because of advice.el's size.

So I'd really like to see a "lite" version of advice.el.
What I'm looking for:
- as simple and lightweight as possible.
- e.g. only provide `around' advice.
- preserve advice.el's "C-h f" documentation feature, so we can know
  that the function is advised, and make it so we can easily jump to the
  advice's definition.
- should be usable for elp.el, trace.el, debug-on-entry, and advice.el.
- usable also for CL's `dotimes' and `dolist' override.

Any taker?


PS: The intention is of course not to encourage people to advise more
functions, but rather to avoid people using flet/letf/fset/... to roll
their own form of function-override which typically makes bug more
difficult to track down, because the presence of an override may not
be obvious.

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