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Re: coccinelle patch suggestion

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: coccinelle patch suggestion
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2012 13:05:31 -0600
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Tom> What do you think of the appended?

Stefan> I think it's going in the right direction.  I do wonder/worry about
Stefan> handling dependencies: for the current globals.h, there's no real
Stefan> problem since if the vars in it can be pretty much only missing or
Stefan> extraneous but can't be incorrect (they *very* rarely change type), but
Stefan> it's slightly less rare to change the type of a DEFUN'd function
Stefan> (i.e. adding/removing arguments).

I think dependencies should already work fine.

gl-stamp is rebuilt when a source file changes:

    gl-stamp: $(libsrc)/make-docfile$(EXEEXT) $(GLOBAL_SOURCES)

Then this is used to rebuild global.h if the contents change:

    globals.h: gl-stamp; @true

Is there a particular scenario you are concerned with?
I could give it a try.


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