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Re: Should debug-on-quit becomes t after kill -SIGUSR2?

From: Daniel Colascione
Subject: Re: Should debug-on-quit becomes t after kill -SIGUSR2?
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2012 22:31:56 -0700
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On 5/11/12 3:02 AM, Leo wrote:
> Hello,
> I start using this new debug-on-event a bit and I find the side effect
> of permanently changing debug-on-quit to t annoying. Is it intentional?

It's intention in the sense that that's how it was intended to work,
but that's because the feature is designed to bring you to the
debugger no matter what, and as a last resort. Maybe we can set a
timer to undo the change to the variable once we break into the debugger.

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