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Monitoring KeyRelease

From: Alexander Klimov
Subject: Monitoring KeyRelease
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 20:25:34 +0300

Instead of normal modifiers (C-, M-, ...), it would be nice to use the 
usual keys (such as `f' or `j') as modifiers and thus do the most 
common operations without leaving the home row (e.g., instead of 
C-f/C-b do, say, j-f/j-b, that is hold j and press either f or b).

key-chord.el shows that it is possible to use the time to decide that 
several keys represent a chord. This approach is inconvenient since it 
requires the keys to be never used in usual words and does not allow 
to hold the "modifier" and repeat only the other key.

The proper way seems to require handling KeyPress/KeyRelase, but it 
seems Emacs currently ignores KeyRelease (xterm.c:6680).

Do I understand correctly that in the current Emacs version, while 
processing a keypress, it is impossible to get information about which 
other keys are pressed? What you think is the easiest way to fix this?


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