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Re: Ask or suggest something.

From: Samuel Bronson
Subject: Re: Ask or suggest something.
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 11:37:56 -0400

On Jul 10, 2012, at 1:45 AM, Mathias Dahl wrote:

If exist in emacs please tell me where can I read information about that, if
it doesn't exist, I hope to have helped to give an idea :)

Does C-x 6 do what you need?

Probably we should mention the different key bindings under this
"prefix" since C-x 6 by itself does nothing:

Global Bindings Starting With C-x 6:
key             binding
---             -------

C-x 6 2 2C-two-columns
C-x 6 b 2C-associate-buffer
C-x 6 s 2C-split
C-x 6 <f2> 2C-two-columns

Or we could mention the key sequence C-x 6 C-h to display this information.

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