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Re: Emacs on OS X development

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs on OS X development
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 22:20:22 -0400

GNU Emacs is a component of the GNU system.  We improve GNU Emacs so
that the GNU system will be bettter.  The GNU system needs help, and
the purpose of GNU Emacs is to provide some.

Supporting GNU Emacs on other platforms is fine, but it is secondary,
and we should not let this distract us from the primary goal.

This is why we have the rule that every feature in Emacs should work
in the GNU system, and should work at least as well in the GNU system
as it does on any other platform.

However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't work on making Emacs work as
well on Mac OS as it does on other platforms.

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