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Re: Extra info about 109170

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Extra info about 109170
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 18:11:11 -0400
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>> The problem was that kill-buffer was taking up more than 10% of the time
>> of execution, which is simply unjustified.  I only know of 2 ways to fix
>> such a problem:
>> - speed up kill-buffer.
>> - call kill-buffer less often.
>> (tho I guess you can also "fix" it by slowing down everything else,
>> but that's not very interesting, is it?).
>> So unless you mean that the right thing to do was to reduce calls to
>> kill-buffer, I don't know what else you might have wanted.

> I think, if we want to speed up byte compilation, the right thing is
> to speed the compilation itself, not buffer-killing whose relevance to
> byte compilation is, well, questionable.

I'm not sure if that means you disagree with my above analysis (if so,
I don't know with which part), or if you do agree with it but think that
the solution should be to reduce the number of calls to kill-buffer.


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